D’awww!!! Puppy Dump!!
my competition has over 100 votes!!! 
Hi Tumblr!!! XD 

We’ve been hangin out since I was a puppy!! I luv you guys so much. You have supported me, watched me tackle the stairs, sent me love on my monthly birthdays, and supported me through my broken paw!!! Without you I’d be lost!!

So could you please do me just this one favor and vote for me? You can vote every day, and I would really love to have more votes. There are doggies on there who have lots more votes than me! :( 

It’s really easy to do, Mom says it takes less than a min to join once, then you can log in with facebook after that. You can vote every day!!! I’m tryin really hard!! <3

Enjoy this D’awwww puppy dump and vote for me pleeeeease!!!